The Life Transforming Leadership Foundation

What can we do better together, that we’re currently doing alone?  This is the primary question that LTLF  is continually asking itself.  If you are a part of the greater Brockton, MA, region, and you are passionate about connecting people with needs with those around them who can provide resources for help…then partner with us to help achieve this vision!


If you are a pastor who believes it is important that pastors and churches in the city learn to contend as one man for the sake of the Gospel (Phil 1:27) please click here to take a brief survey, and then contact Mark T. Oliver at 508-565-8534.

What Is LTLF?

LTLF is not as easily defined as you might think!  Read more about what it is and how it functions and how to get involved!

What Is LTLF’s Strategy?

Discover the future vision and mission that LTLF is striving to achieve and working to accomplish!

What Values Drive LTLF?

From our stance on community leadership to our philosophy on mobilization…see what is important to LTLF!